Monika the artist behind the unique art by MISSyberg

About MISSyberg

What inspires missyberg’s unique art?

Hi my name is Monika – that’s the M in MISSyberg. This webpage is my online gallery.

If You like unique art, that offers the back side view of life – this is where You find it. 😉

My inspiration is mostly everything that annoys me. Every issue I have with the unemployment center, every quarrel I have with my family, every injustice I see or experience in day to day life, and each and every one of my disapointed hopes and heartbreaks. There are of course days of happines and eagerness, which then spills over the canvas. But then again, we all have our ups and downs. Personally, I think the downs are the strongest fuel – they burn longer than happy thoughts do.

You might say that I let all the ugly and difficult emotions materialize unto the canvas or paper. You’ll see the monsters and nightmare-like scenarios that You propably know all to well. But where You might try to hide them away in an effort to appear perfect and capable, I express them – and I do that as vividly and fiercely as possible.

The phoenix is the bird of downfall and resurrection. I want to add it to my page as a logo, because it, symbolises what I have experienced time and again. After a period of anger, sorrow or emptiness I rise from the ashes of my depression by painting or drawing those feelings, and thereby I begin to burn with power. From that powersurge gladness and peace emerges. Then my artwork ooses with tranquility or fun. That way both my moods and artwork follow a cycle – the same way that a phoenix does.

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Yours Truly