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About MISSyberg Art

Hello and Welcome to MISSyberg.dk!

This webpage is mainly an art blog.

If you would like to be more creative in your life, but don’t exactly know how to do that, or if you enjoy doing creative things, but you don’t see how to make time for it, this is the art blog that will provide articles on how to make creativity a part of your life. The art blog is also where you will find a quick introduction to basic art knowledge in the form of lists and short articles to help you get an overview of the world of art. In addition I will from time to time provide articles about my own experiences as an artist, in the hope that they will serve as inspiration to you.

About me: I have been an artist since forever i.e. since I was able to hold a pencil in my hands. I live with my talented businessman and writer Anders, and together we have our little boy, who is less than a year old as I’m writing this. Creating beautiful things and making artwork has become my one true passion. Therefore I need to make artwork and artistic tasks my priority in my daily life. To make time for this on the sideline of school, university, jobhunting – and now motherhood aswell – is challenging, but it has given me lots of experience in that department. Therefore I believe I can help You to make way for a litlle creativity or a lot, in Your life.

I mostly draw, or paint with acrylic paints or watercolor pencils, but I enjoy every kind of creative activities. I have also experimented with crochet, knitting, embroidery, collage, glass art, cake decoration – those are the things I remember now. I never shy away from trying something new, and it is especially fun if it’s challenging.

I like to mirror the world in my artwork. Sometimes with criticism and sometimes just to offer another point of view on a subject and I often use my sense of humor. I’d like for my art to be able to make you pause for a second. A friend once told me that what’s great about my paintings is that it shows a deeper meaning and depth the longer you look at it.

My contact info is found on the page: Contact.

Have a nice day 🙂