Hello and Welcome to MISSyberg.dk!

This is a webpage run by me Monika Syberg – see photo 😉 . It’s both an online portfolio of my own artwork and a blog. The blog part consists of articles on everything art related, that I find interesting. Furthermore I write posts that give insight to my artwork including behind the scenes stuff and sources of inspiration. My artwork consists of pencil drawings, acrylic paintings and watercolor paintings.

The best way to describe my artwork is: thought provoking, deep, meaningful. Looking back on the things I’ve made I see that most of it is somewhat a visualization of emotions. Somehow I end up painting or drawing something that depicts emotions like sadness, emptiness, hopelessness or meaninglessness – just to name a few. It’s like I’m drawn to it, drawn to try and examine what these emotions are like, what they feel like, and what they would look like if they were visible objects or landscapes. Other times it’s happiness or peacefulness that the painting depicts.

I do also have a great sense of humor. It cannot all be dark and negative – that’s just tiresome in the long run. I love to implement humor in my work, sometimes leaning towards gallows humor. It seems like it mostly happens in my drawings though.

When I paint or draw I don’t oblige to rules, but do whatever comes to mind. That way the art becomes more authentic, I think. I don’t believe in forcing a motive, but in letting the motive reveal itself and become it’s true self. I play with colors and compositions mostly, but I like to have some of the motif to be recognizable and somewhat realistic. That way it becomes easier to awoke compassion within the observer. Another thing is: I don’t paint or draw to please anyone. If You think what I do is cool, I’m very happy, but it’s not the object for my artwork. Therefore You will not be seeing me trying to fit in by painting or drawing the latest hot subject. I don’t care for mainstream fads. I do me.

Some of my artwork may not be cozy enough for a living room wall. But I like that it’s not cozy, that it stirs something in Your mind to look at it. I think that the difficult emotions are the most interesting to evoke in someone’s heart. It’s one thing, to try and make someone happy. It’s much more a challenge to make anyone feel some degree of sadness – but it has a much heavier impact when succeeded. I’d like for my art to be able to move You, or at least to make You pause for a second. That’s when art matters, and that’s what I strive to achieve in my artwork.

So again: welcome to my Portfolio Blog. I hope You’ll find my style and artwork interesting. If so, this is Your go-to webpage. There will be uploaded more photos of new artwork regularly – so stay tuned. Feel free to browse through my website and contact me if You are interested in a piece. I will be happy to answer You.

My contact info is found on the page: Contact.

Have a nice day 🙂